The Mookaite Opal bracelet

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Beautiful PInk Peruvian Opal stone surrounded by 8mm natural mookaite beads & gold pewter fillers that double wrap around creating one bracelet.

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Did you know? Mookaite promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences. The energy of this crystal helps to raise the vibration of your body and the vibration of your thoughts that relate to aging, helping you to feel younger in your attitude to life.

Did you know? The joyful stone, as some may say, Pink Opal is known to bring love and light back into life for which they have long since gone. It is believed to help you to get rid of emotional hang-ups and to free you from feelings of shame, guilt and inhibition. It encourages you to forget your worries. As with other opals, it also brings inspiration, imagination and creativity.