A Special Thanks

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to give you many thanks for stopping by Tee House and checking out the page!  I truly appreciate all your love and support.  Please come back and visit again, as new items will be continually added!  Any questions, comments, or concerns, please never hesitate to contact me!

Lots and lots of love,
- Your favorite cup of Tee

None of this could be possible without the following people:

- Chi, You've been making jewelry ever since I can remember.  So all this inspiration came from you!
- Linda, You will always be my jewelry mentor, but more importantly, my forever friend.
- Tam, I owe you, technically (...get it?).
- Nhi, My new best friend, Nikon, has done me absolute wonders! Thanks for the introduction.
- Allie, My every day listener and advice giver.
- Mommy, You're my everything.  This is for you.